Our IWAY meetings take place on the first and third Wednesdays of the month, except for August, when many of our members are away on summer holidays.
Currently the meetings are taking place over the zoom.
We gather for our bi-monthly meetings at different cafes and restaurants around town, so please contact us for the current location. 
We look forward to you joining us soon!
Visiting NUR Art Gallery in 2019
by Lisa Arslanian

The NUR art gallery is certainly ‘a must see’! The owner and the master Arman Nur is one of the most talented artists one can ever meet. He is a sculptor, painter, designer and jeweler and his evolving body of work of sculptures and jewelry playfully tap into a broad range of Armenian historical references and mythology. Not only did our group have the pleasure to visit the gallery and meet with the artist, but the artist himself guided us around his enchanted world introducing his works and highlighting the philosophy beyond each masterpiece. Nur’s exhibits are displayed on two separate floors, the first floor showcases the jewelry designed and handcrafted by the artist using precious gems and metals, rare alloys that occur in nature as well as ordinary every day elements such as rocks, wood, fibers, feathers, etc. as a testimony to his constant quest to reconnect with nature. The second floor hosts the artist’s sculptures and figurines, Arman Nur explained to us his world famous “FLY” project and the compassionate and altruistic philosophy on which the idea is based. He invited us to experience looking at our surroundings through large prisms that simulate the eyes of a fly, he then explained the basic vision of “The Fly”, “If you can love the fly, you can love everyone and everything, and you’ll be able to fly. In between visiting the two floors, we were invited to an elegant buffet of champagne and gateaux; the whole experience was further enhanced when the staff offered us a hardback catalogue of Nur’s masterpieces and a pastry figurine. No wonder Arman Nur has such an international standing, his Art Gallery has become a beloved cultural destination in Yerevan. The visit was very enriching and while writing this piece I found it difficult to fit the entire scope of our physical and emotional feelings in just a few lines. The visit was a true delight; it was an honor to have the artist take care of us introducing his art, in his own smart, witty, and mostly elegant way.

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