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Established in 2012, IWAY, The International Women’s Association of Yerevan, is a non‐profit, non‐ religious, and non‐political association.     

IWAY  members  are 100 % volunteering women of all ages and nationalities who reside in the Republic of Armenia.


The mission of IWAY is to make a positive impact on Armenia through developmental projects. The projects mainly target women and children in remote and border villages.


The IWAY biggest fundraising event is the annual Christmas Charity Bazaar.  Funds raised at this event will exclusively be used to fund IWAY approved philanthropic projects.


IWAY  members  meet twice a month (except in January and August) to have general meetings (coffee mornings). During these sessions, members debate fun and instructive topics as well as philanthropic endeavors. IWAY organizes the annual Christmas Charity Bazaar. In addition, from the beginning of 2021, IWAY initiated online  charity sales. All the generated income is put towards a worthwhile charitable project(s).


IWAY is not only a charitable organization. It has many returns to its own community.   


  • As each woman participates in the year‐long activities, she works to strengthen herself and achieve her full potential.

  • IWAY fosters goodwill and friendship among its members, regardless of their origin.  

  • IWAY expands knowledge and understanding of the Armenian people and culture. This makes Armenia a true home for everyone.

  • IWAY organizes a wide range of activities for its members and guests. These include, but are not limited to:


                - Informative meetings to learn more about Armenia

                - Special events to learn about the countries represented by members

                - Walking tours, cultural visits, and exchange networking opportunities

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IWAY Factsheet 2021-2022

Our Mission
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