International Women's Association of Yerevan


We meet twice a month (except in August and January, when we meet only once a month) on the first and third Wednesdays.  We often gather from 10:30 a.m. until about noon in Marriott Hotel, Yerevan. 

Email for more details on where we're meeting next.

We serve coffee, tea, bottled water, biscuits - and catch up with each other's lives. Cost is 1,200 AMD per person (members or guests) attending.

Meetings are in English. However, we often have members who can help translate information into Hungarian, Russian, German, Japanese, Farsi, Armenian, Arabic just to mention a few.

Sometimes, we have special speakers - making simple crafts, members sharing customs or information about their home countries, building homes for people still living in domiks after the 1988 earthquake, how to improve ourselves or enjoy life to its fullest!

Other times, we plan events or outings to have fun at local festivals. We also offer each other advice or make recommendations on everyday things.

Guests are welcome. 

Check out the next meeting date here.