International Women's Association of Yerevan

The 2009 Annual Christmas Charity Bazaar netted just over 3 million Armenian drams (about $8,000 USD) and members designated the funds to be used in the village of Tavush (formerly Tovuz.)

Located in Tavush Marz, the village has a clinic which serves people from 3 communities with free medical services. Diagnostic laboratory equipment was recently added, thanks to the fundraising efforts of local Peace Corps Volunteer Rebecca Tantama. Rather than have the diagnostic equipment set up in the same room where patient care is delivered, the YIWC voted after a recent visit to the village to give money to the clinic so it could expand and have a room dedicated for the laboratory.

Funds remaining after the clinic expansion will be used to purchase  educational toys and equipment for the local kindergarten.



Photos below are from Aug. 9, 2010, showing progress of the addition to the clinic for the diagnostic room.

Exterior of added area with local men finishing up the outside plaster work.

 New entrance area to clinic and lab.

 New door from existing clinic to diagnostic lab area and new sink/toilet facilities in the new addition.

 A look from the existing clinic area into the new lab area, seeing the new exterior windows in the addition.

New indoor toilet to replace the outhouse previously used by patients and clinic staff that was located across the street from the clinic.