International Women's Association of Yerevan

The 2010 Annual Christmas Charity Bazaar and the Spring 2011 Michink Luncheon, together, netted just under 3 million Armenian drams (about $8,000 USD) and members designated the funds to be used in the village of Spandaryn.

Spandaryan (formerly Meliklar, Maliklar, Meliklu and Kalachik) is a rural village in Syunik Marz in southern Armenia. The National Statistical Service of Armenia reported that its population was 486 in 2010, up from 446 in the 2001 census. The area contains the Spandaryan Hydro Power Plant, one of Armenia's largest hydro power plants, and the Spandaryan Reservoir to the northwest of the village itself.

The community's one, main building is in need of extensive repairs to make it useful again. It contains the community's library, mayor's office, maintenance shop, auditorium area, and a room that formerly housed a youth program. The IWAY voted to support putting a new roof and new, energy efficient windows in the building.

During an Oct. 15 trip to Spandaryan, IWAY members were able to view the building before renovation work begins, as well as meet with village officials and get to know some of the village residents. 

Second-story hallway with water damage from the roof.


The public library used by the community.


The back wall of the library is damaged by water seeping from the outside down-spouts.

The back wing of the building, which houses the auditorium.


The inside of the auditorium of the back wing.


Second-floor room used by the village mayor and council. 

A remodeled room previously used by village youngsters hasn't had electricity since spring, probably due to water damage in the walls, reports village officials.


Members with the woman who cleans the community building's and her grandson. 

November 2011 Update

Snow has arrived in Spandaryan, but work is progressing on the roof of the cultural center.

Through its Annual Christmas Charity Bazaar and Michik Luncheon (during Lent 2011) funds were raised to put a new roof on the center.


Updates on this project will be posted as they arrive. Thanks to Peace Corps Volunteer Ashley Ottewell for sharing the photos above from Վարուժան Վարդանյան who lives in Spandaryan.


A view of the surrounding area mountains and valleys.


Children in Spandaryan getting a view of the IWAY members.


Members had an opportunity to walk the main village street and have coffee with a few local residents.


While visiting the village, members were able to buy homemade cheese and local apples and pears before heading home to Yerevan.