International Women's Association of Yerevan

IWAY met with the Lithuanian Ambassador for a special tour. IWAY is often the special guests at embassies, concerts, museums and other events.

Monthly meetings are a combination of taking care of IWAY business, socializing and learning something new or interestingfrom special speakers.

Learning new recipes, cooking and eating together and having lots of fun...

Singing Group. Wonderful time together!

Ladies attending Crafts Classes and having fun!

IWAY members held a regular monthly meeting at the Marriott Hotel

Our guest speaker was Ms Kathy Leach, British Ambassador to Armenia. Ms Leach introduced members to the Lord Byron School in Gyumri that was donated to the children of Gyumri by the British people following the 1988 earthquake.  The school badly needs a new heating system. It is the only school in that area without warm classrooms and the only school in the Shirak region without water in winter. A charity concert in aid of the Lord Byron School will take place at the Aram Khachaturian concert hall on Monday 20th May at 7.30, featuring a brilliant British violinist, Rafal Zambrzycki-Payne, a former winner of the British Young Musician of the Year Competition, and the State Youth Orchestra of Armenia conducted by Sergei Smbatyan. 


Our visit to the Sarukhanyan family in Lejan village, Lori region 

We visited the house which was built through a project of the Fuller Center for Housing and partially sponsored by The house is comfortable, furnished well, and has all modern conveniences, including a refrigerator, washing machine, hot water, and a beautiful new bathroom.   The living room was dominated by a table quickly filled with the food we'd brought and coffee and drinks the family offered.  We enjoyed playing with the boys, especially the irresistible newborn.  This family, with a history of heartbreak and hard living, is now living in a happy, healthy home, thanks to the generosity of IWAY and the help of the Fuller Center.

Jangyulum, an Armenian traditional event at Houso Aygi  

We were invited to take part in an event organised by Anni Panosyan called  Jangyulum  - a traditional Armenian celebration of the ascension of Jesus to Heaven.

The Foundation helps 21 orphans and needy young women from Armenia to prepare better for their future. Providing basic health care, food, clothing, and hygiene supplies, and also higher education or vocational training, Houso Aygi is helping these young women to have a better future.

  “Armenian wedding songs from Balu city, Western Armenia”

IWAY was invited by one of our members,  Margarit Shahinyan, to the concert  “Armenian wedding songs from Balu city, Western Armenia”, performed in Arno Babajanyan concert hall.

 Fundraising Concert in aid of the Lord Byron School in Gyumri

Members of IWAY supported a concert held on Monday evening in Yerevan. The concert was designed to raise funds for repairs to the heating system at the Lord Byron School in Gyumri. Already, a number of members have sent donations towards this initiative. 

Farewell to IWAY member Flora Mirzayans

A Place Far Away by Vahan Zanoyan 

The book discussion and the meeting with author was held at the US Ambassador's Residence

 We held our social meeting at the residence of the US Ambassador, hosted by Libby Heffern.