International Women's Association of Yerevan


 Bylaws click here to view  and  download a pdf version of our internal bylaws. 

Membership application form: click here to view  and  download a word version. Fill out the form and bring it with you, along with 12,000 AMD, to the next meeting. 

Funding application form click here to view  and  download a pdf version. 

Everyone is welcome to apply for membership!

Attend a gathering to meet members and hear what's happening. Membership is 12,000 AMD a year (May 1-April 30).

Also, we each pay 1,200 AMD at every meeting we attend for coffee or tea and biscuits.

You can email us for more information and to confirm our next meeting place. 

You'll be asked to fill out a membership application so we can keep in touch with you and tell you about special events. The form will also help you - and help us help you - find other members with interests similar to your own.

 You may also know members of our IWAY board. If so, ask them about our activities and how you can join in the fun and fellowship, learning and charity work, and exploring life in Armenia.