International Women's Association of Yerevan

Dastakert village in Syunik marz has been adopted by the International Women's Association of Yerevan. The village is located at the end of the road, in the Syunik mountains, about 8K (5 miles) east of Nakhichevan and about 11K (7 miles) - as the crow flies - south of Sissian.

IWAY members visited the village and its school in autumn 2009 to assess the village's priorities and how the YIWC could assist in providing some funding to buy supplies to renovate critical facilities. It had raised just over 3 million Armenian drams (about $8,000 USD) for the village.

In spring 2010, IWAY members returned to see the results - a renovated kindergarten room and gymnaisum in the village school! Members were treated to a special program by the children, as well as passed out toys, clothing and sweet treats to make the day extra special for children and adults alike.

The following are images from the village and its pride-and-joy, the school.