Yerevan International Women's Club

The main project that IWAY will support this coming year will be donation of funds to the Goris Women's Development Resource Center Foundation to purchase 20 spinning wheels. The outcome of this projects will be to provide women with the opportunity to be financially sustainable through creation of new jobs at a renovated wool to carpet studio in Shinuhayer Village. We hope that this opportunity will not only provide women with this unique opportunity but as a whole, communities in the region will be positively affected as well. Women will be trained to spin wool and with the yarn spun, eventually make carpets/rugs to be sold to interested markets. There is a high demand for hand spun yarn With the purchased equipment; 20 women in the area will be trained with this skill.

This morning, IWAY members visited Solak village (located 40 km from yerevan), to see the solar fruit dryers that were purchased with IWAY funds, raised in the Christmas Bazaar of 2013. In this project, Armenian Women for Health and Healthy Environment (AWHHE) NGO , helped 10 village women to purchase solar dryers and taught them how to dry fruit and herbs. The first dried fruits and herbs were then sold at the International Rural Women’s Day celebrations in Yerevan. In winter, now that the project is completed, they will continue selling their products in the markets, their regional center and in Yerevan.

Anahit Tsitsikian Music School , was in need of basic equipment for their modest concert hall, so that the students - about 100 children of all ages - could put on proper concerts to show off their achievements. IWAY chose this school as one of last year's 6 projects and purchased a video projector and an audio system. The music school hopes to slowly build itself to become a modern cultural center.

On October 9th, 9 of the IWAY members made the 160 km trek up to Lchavan to see the school, and the indoor toilets that they had built with the $2000 donation that IWAY made. Because of its location and high elevation( approx 2,000 meters) winters are particularly harsh, and lack of running water and toilets inside the school building were particularly difficult from October to May. IWAY's donation enabled the school to build two squat toilets, a sink, a water pump to enable 24 hr running water, windows to enclose the basement where the pump is located so the water in it doesn't freeze in the winter, and a new front door for the school. To quote one of the teachers met this day - these toilets are a true miracle.

IWAY provided funds to enable 50 disabled/disadvantaged children to participate in extra curricular activities organized by Full Life Educational Development Center twice a week for 4 hours a day from February to December 2014. They are studying English, math, literacy, and computer and participate in art therapy. The added benefit is that this time enables family members, particularly mothers, to have 6 to 8 hours a week free from caring for their disabled child, time which can be devoted to either recharging or supporting their families.

In keeping with the saying: "He who saves a single life, saves the entire world," IWAY members decided that one of the six projects for 2013-2014 would be to give Marianna the last boost she needed in order to achieve her goal. IWAY gave Marianna a scholarship for her senior year in college, and paid for medical care for her ailing eyes, including the purchase of a pair of specialized prescription eyeglasses. This enabled Marianna to successfully complete her degree, to improve her eyesight, and to continue to support her family with dignity.