International Women's Association of Yerevan

 One year of Armines hard work in preparing and sharing walking tours, including visits to museums and other interesting places, and meetings with artists and craftspersons in Yerevan was celebrated at the US Residence. John and Libby Heffern, the American Ambassadorial family, took park in all of these activities, and kindly offered to mark this year and to bring all the participants together, including the talented artists and curators of museums which IWAY members have visited during the past year. 

The Walking Tour with Armine Tumanyan on March 9th led the ladies not only through some beautifully painted archways, but also introduced them to the treasures of the Ervand Kochar Museum and the works of the painter

Vi-lik Zar-karyan! 

 Cooking class with the Chefs of the Afrikyan Pandok Res-taurant on March 24th proved to be a lot of fun, and produced a delicious meal. Thanks to Armine Tumanyan for organizing it once more!