International Women's Association of Yerevan

Join IWAY and take part in our cooking classes, language lessons, choir, cultural visits, charity fundraising activities, social events, and much more. 

Email us today to find out what's happening and how you can join ! Or, if you prefer, contact any member of the IWAY Board directly.

If you want to make a donation for our projects please click here  for the AMD, EUR and USD account details.

 IWAY members at clay class

 IWAY members at Singing class meeting

IWAY members at crafts meetings

International Women's Association of Yerevan welcomes you to Armenia. We're here to assist you in developing rewarding lives and lasting friendships.  

The Recipient of IWAY Charity Funds 

Full Life (Liarzhek Kyank) NonGovernmental Organization has been selected to receive funding from the International Women's Association of Yerevan for the project called "Investing in Children for a Better Future!"

Noramarg Clinic received an Ultra Sound Machine bought with funds collected at the IWAY Bazaar

Painters studio visits 


Every month we have 2 meetings in Marriott hotel!

 Learning how to Make tortiglioni!!! IWAY cookery classes


tortiglioni delights

AGHANDZ Party hosted by Anat Price,  run by Armine Sargsyan


A Sunday @ Tegher followed by lunch at Armine Sargsyan's summer house in Ashtarag 

A Sunday at The Tegher Monastry

IWAY SINGING LADIES        rehearsing every Thursday morning at Ella Barker's